I enjoy creating pertinent and meaningful designs to capture buyers’ attention

Website UI/UX

I design beautiful sites/apps while creating an intuitive experience for the users whether they are using a smart phone, tablet or their desktop

Event – POS

I am passionate about conceptualizing approachable spaces and signage with personality while also making a compelling brand statement


From brand collateral to signage I have had the chance to convey the value of a brand on multiple print systems

Strategy & Management

Years of experience have taught me to keep the big picture in every aspect of a project from concept to production

And More…

I can help you translate your vision into visuals that speak to you and your customers in powerful ways

Quick facts

Brands +
Years of Experience
Coffees... with milk
Worked in Europe and the US


Solution Driven
Adobe Suite

Sandrine is a very talented graphic designer. It is very rare to find a person so artistically talented and yet able to communicate effectively in a business and marketing geared environment. Sandrine understands MarketLive’s needs and is able to visually communicate our brand statement in all aspects from creating illustrations to designing our marketing collateral. Sandrine is such a pleasure to work with and just an overall wonderful person.

Renee Gangnath • eCommerce Creative Director

Sandrine is fiercely intelligent in all areas related to her field. She continuously produces thoughtful, strong work. She is a great team player and goes above and beyond to get complex assignments completed artfully and efficiently.

Stephanie Kendrick • Events & Client Engagement Marketing Manager at VIP Petcare

I am so pleased with all the work Sandrine has done for us these past few years.

She is very professional, reliable, incredibly creative, punctual and very pleasant to work with.

She has amazing people and communication skills, I felt supported and understood during our projects. In the past, I have worked with several designers and even when I explained precisely what I wanted, they couldn’t deliver. Sandrine is intuitive, she understood exactly what I wanted and needed, the results were beyond my expectations. She helped me express my brand and my vision, while making me feel at ease.

Dr. Olga Stevko • CEO,

Sandrine is a truly skilled and dedicated designer and marketer. She is a team player, and is always willing to jump in and help. She has great business acumen and provides valuable input and thought on a wide range of marketing topics. The “meets” on knowledge of her role below has more to do with the new things she could learn in what I consider her more senior level in the last year. She has mastered completely the role for which she was originally hired. Sandrine is a true contributor to the marketing team and brings a great deal of value to MarketLive and VIP Petcare.

Paige Mazzoni • CEO at Canine Companions

I have worked with Sandrine for almost four years. She is a fantastic designer and hard-work. She can wear a multitude of hats in a position and is willing to help with whatever work is needed. She is highly-skilled in all areas of design including, print, collateral, exhibit booths, web design, html, content creation and PPT. She is one of the smartest and talented people I have worked with.

Maren Kelly • Marketing Director at Email Aptitude